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Our professional e-learning team and international award-winning products help you with all your e-learning needs.


FlowLMS is Learning Management System, which is at the same time super-easy to use but will provide a full set of functionalities. And still very affordable.

XoomPoint delivers a full elearning experience with an award-winning online learning environment and content production tools at its core. iSpring Suite is a tool for producing e-learning materials and XoomPoint is the official reseller of the software in nordic markets. XoomPoint provides online learning support services and training, run by leading Finnish e-learning experts.

With iSpring Suite, you can create rich online courses from your PowerPoint presentations and upload them to FlowLMS or your own online learning environment. We provide you iSpring Suite licenses, with support and training.

It’s easy to get lost in the complexity of e-learning technologies, solutions and applications. To support your decision making, we offer consultation for bringing all important aspects of e-learning.

Effective and measurable online courses help you to keep your staff’s skills and competences up to date. We design and deliver online courses that meet your competency goals.

Our state-of-the-art support services provide you with opportunities to maximize the reliability and usability of your learning solutions while reducing your usage and IT costs. You have our entire support organization available for efficient resolution of potential problems.

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PRESS RELEASE – XoomPoint launches new generation eLearning cloud solution in Scandinavia

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PRESS RELEASE – XoomPoint makes eLearning-as-a-Service a reality. New Zero-Admin solution for corporate learning hits the markets.

XoomPoint eLearning-as-a-Service concept brings a new corporate learning management system - FlowLMS – to the markets. This new multilingual product…