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It’s easy to get lost in the complexity of e-learning technologies, solutions and applications. To support your planning and decision making, we offer consultation for bringing all important aspects of e-learning.

Implementation of corporate wide e-learning may seem like a big and time-consuming work. It does not have to be! Whether you are starting with the e-learning content authoring tools or the implementation of a learning management system, our professional training services covers all areas and gives you the smooth and efficient start with your e-learning journey.

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The e-learning model

At e-learning strategy consulting, we gather information from all key stakeholders and create requirements report for your organization, which then also clarifies the role of e-learning as a part of your HR development plan. Based on the requirements, we will also define e-learning deployment model for your organization.

  • We will discover your organization’s hidden e-learning expertise.
  • We ensure your organization sufficient e-learning expertise.
  • We identify your organization’s e-learning technology and software needs.
  • We identify needs and roles of human resources for getting smooth e-learning experience.
  • If necessary, we will also support your company in implementing new operating models.

We support the development of your organization's expertise

Taking over e-learning can seem like a big, time-consuming job. It does not have to be! Whether you are managing content tools, developing online training or producing content, our training will help you quickly master the situation. There are several training options, depending on the needs of the target group.

Content production training

Our content production training covers the installation and configuring the tools, basic use cases and sample projects for content production.

Implementing e-learning model

The implementation consulting of the e-learning model, we create an approach based on the training needs of your organization. We build a collaborative e-learning model that fits in with the way your organization works.

To implement e-learning model:


  • We define e-learning model deployment best practices for your organization
  • We create e-learning concepts that are especially targeted for your needs
  • We are streamlining the deployment of e-learning technologies and software
  • We train your key personnel in implementing e-learning

If necessary, we will also assist you in the production of your online training content.

Deploying the iSpring Suite content creation tool

Mastering content production tools is a great starting point for creating rich learning content! The iSpring Suite content creation tool implementation training focuses on the needs of the content producer. In our training, we will give deep dive to basics of the content production


  • iSpring Suite for power users
  • Process of updating content production templates
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Content production consultancy from a pedagogical perspective

Good e-learning is based on effective learning processes. It is important to take into consideration the principles of online pedagogy right from the content design stage. We train your organization’s content production team to design content that supports learning.


  • Introduction to e-learning pedagogy from content production point of view
  • E-learning concepts
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Deploying an e-learning environment

Smooth deployment creates both reliability and comfort. The smooth implementation of the e-learning environment provides a good basis for successful e-learning. We will guide the administrator in using the features and functionality of the environment.

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Customized training

Can’t find the right training for your organization in our training portfolio? Have any e-learning challenges been identified in your company that you cannot tackle on your own? Contact us! We tailor the package to your needs!

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