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Our professional e-learning team and international award-winning products help you with all your e-learning needs.

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Develop your company's
e-learning processes with
our services

Take full advantage of our strong digital learning and HRD experience and let us help you with planning and implementing your organization training processes. Check out our digital learning development services!

Our services covers e-learning technologies, content production, consulting and training, as well as a variety of support services. Together, we will develop your e-learning to meet the needs of a knowledge-based organization!

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Superior service combined with an award-winning online learning environment, will ensure your company the most epic e-learning experience today. All e-learning benefits are just couple of steps away! Start your journey with our agile and affordable e-learning services implementation. With comprehensive learning management system, you’re always up to date the status of your organization digital learning.

FlowLMS services core is based on the award-winning open source FormaLMS -learning environment.

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iSpring, e-learning

Tools for e-learning content production

Fully-stocked eLearning authoring toolkit for PowerPoint.

Developing e-learning content has never been so fast and easy! With iSpring Suite, you can turn your PowerPoint presentations into e-courses and upload them to your FlowLMS or any other LMS environment.

We are the leading iSpring experts in Finland. We provide you iSpring Suite licenses, with support and training.

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E-learning Courses

Efficient and measurable online courses will allow you to ensure that your staff skills and qualifications are up to date. We design and implement online courses fully based on your learning goals.

When building your training modules, we work closely with you, with your terms and in your language. Our highly skilled content-know-how will ensure the top-grade, interactive and motivating learning content.

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Training and Consultation

Partner for your all e-learning tasks

It’s easy to get lost in the complexity of e-learning technologies, solutions and applications. To support your planning and decision making, we offer consultation for bringing all important aspects of e-learning.

Implementation of corporate wide e-learning may seem like a big and time-consuming work. It does not have to be! Whether you are starting with the e-learning content authoring tools or the implementation of a learning management system, our professional training services covers all areas and gives you the smooth and efficient start with your e-learning journey.

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Support Services

Our state-of-the-art support services provide you with opportunities to maximize the reliability and usability of your learning solutions while reducing your usage and IT costs. You have our entire support organization available for efficient resolution of potential problems. Support Services contains services as:

  • Online Ticket Portal
  • Direct Online Help
  • Email Support
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