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MEYER TURKU - Digital Orientation

he Meyer Turku Shipyard makes one of the finest cruise ships in the world. Thousands of people from many different countries work every day in the area. Common practices and models are key to ensuring smooth and safe working.

Meyer has the uniformity and effectiveness of orientation with multilingual digital orientation materials. E-learning enables large masses to be introduced simultaneously and also automatically generates performance information. Access passes to the area will not be granted unless security trainings have been made. Meyer has an e-learning trainings for work and information security as well as shipyard specific hot work practices.

XoomPoint has provided Meyer Turku shipyard induction content in 16 languages. We have also trained yard staff to design and deliver online courses with iSpring content production tools.

“The geographical distribution of the locations will bring us special challenges for staff development and competence management. We solved this by deploying the FlowLMS online learning environment and now our online trainings are available 24/7.”

Johanna RokosaHR Development Manager at Restel

eLaaS operating model to support Restel's personnel development

The eLaaS model (elearning as a service) provided by FlowLMS has been an ideal solution for us. Through the service, we can easily get the content produced for our needs, the content distribution channel and the automatic reporting of the performance to the desired parties. Learning content is available anytime, anywhere. The solution has worked well in all respects, leaving us time to focus on managing things other than managing online learning, ‘’ says Johanna Rokosa, HR Development Manager at Restel.

Restel has over 150 units and nearly 4,000 employees. Each employee makes a self-registration and, using the course code provided, registers with a predefined organization. Weekly reports on course performance are sent to unit, chain and group level.

020202 took e-learning content production into its own hands

E-learning brings flexibility in human resources development, says Tuula Sillanpää, Vice President, Human Resources at 020202. We work in different locations, every hour of the day. In such activities, agile solutions are needed for staff development, which e-learning offers, Sillanpää continues.

We chose XoomPoint as our partner because they had to provide us with an easy-to-use and rich content creation tool, iSpring Suite. At the same time, we received expert training in both the use of the tool and the construction of content that is meaningful to the learner. Together with XoomPoint experts, we designed a template that suits our needs and design, making content production smooth and easy.

“Together with XoomPoint experts, we designed a template that suits our needs and look, making content production smooth and easy.”

Tuula SillanpääVice President, Human Resources at 020202

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