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PRESS RELEASE – XoomPoint makes eLearning-as-a-Service a reality. New Zero-Admin solution for corporate learning hits the markets.

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XoomPoint eLearning-as-a-Service concept brings a new corporate learning management system – FlowLMS – to the markets. This new multilingual product release introduces revolutionary functionality to meet the needs of enterprise customers.


The cloud based, mobile friendly FlowLMS, previously known as XoomPoint LMS, is developed to meet the needs of global corporate customers. The new release is immediately available in 25 languages with a new fully automated Zero-Admin service model.

“The new Zero-Admin model makes it easier to start efficient eLearning programs even with no previous experience of running learning management systems. No need to spend time on thinking how to deliver online courses and how to manage them.” describes Riikka Hagman, the XoomPoint CEO and continues. “This means that administrators don’t have to get into the LMS details at all. They can even get all the reports needed straight to their emails. Together with FlowContent, which is our renewed content production service model, eLearning is made super easy.”

“This brand-new version of our famous learning management platform introduces a new ground-breaking administration service with Report Automation. Furthermore, it offers a possibility for global deployments through our certified enterprise grade datacenters either in Microsoft Azure or in private carrier grade datacenters. Our customers will get by default 99,9% SLA. They can be confident that the trainings will be available regardless of time or place, in every device and anytime.”, says XoomPoint’s Director of Technology and Software Tero Toropainen.”.

FlowLMS is designed to the training needs of businesses. Many learning management systems were originally developed for educational establishments. This origin results in features and functionalities that are unnecessary for enterprises making them too complicated for efficient corporate use.

“In companies, depending of course on the target group of the training, learners have varying technical skills. The easier it is for learners to find learning material, and the more straight forward the learning experience is, the more efficiently the organization is able to meet their strategic learning targets.”, states Hagman. “When developing technologies, focus is usually on perfecting technical aspects and less attention is paid to the perspective of the user. FlowLMS’s clean user interface supports efficient learning. Navigation has been made easy and intuitive with a visual course library. Learning management is built on effortless courseware distribution and automated reports. The time of learners, instructors and IT support is saved when the users do not have to search for courses, courseware or a specific functionality.”, notes Hagman.

The new FlowLMS is now generally available for existing and new customers. Smooth upgrade path is provided for current users.

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