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PRESS RELEASE – eLearning pioneers XoomPoint and Hagmari merge

By 13.9.2019February 26th, 2021No Comments

eLearning technology corporation XoomPoint Corp. buys eLearning consulting specialist Hagmari Oy. The acquisition turns XoomPoint into a full-service company in digital learning.


eLearning platforms, authoring tools and content services provider XoomPoint Corp. has acquired the whole capital stock of its partner Hagmari Oy. “The acquisition of Hagmari supports our aim to grow into a leading digital learning technologies and services provider. By merging our know-how we’ll be able to serve our clients even better, providing both agile learning technologies and authoring tools, as well as customized expertise within digital learning,” says Esa Tervo, XoomPoint’s Chairman of the Board.

Riikka Hagman CEO of Hagmari is appointed CEO from the beginning of October. Kristian Marttinen, that in addition to his other duties, has been acting as XoomPoint’s CEO during the startup phase, is very pleased with the choice of CEO and her extensive experience in HRD. Marttinen continues as a Member of the Board.

“We’re very satisfied with this outcome. Being in a phase of rapid growth, XoomPoint really needed more resources. The merger has provided us with a full-time executive with solid know-how of the eLearning field, as well as knowledge of different learning technologies,” concludes Tervo. “We’ve been co-operating with Riikka for many years, most recently as a partner in the field of eLearning content consulting and user training. Riikka will still be consulting, although she’ll naturally be focusing more on business development hereafter.”

“I’m very well acquainted with XoomPoint’s agile eLearning solutions, as well as the excellent authoring tools of our partner and I’m really looking forward to developing both the partner network and the service range of XoomPoint,” says Hagman. “I’ve been working in the eLearning field for a long time and to my great pleasure I’ve noticed that the boom of digital learning that went on in the learning institutions at the turn of the century, is now happening in the business world. The greatest difference now, is that the agile learning technologies of today makes the process from deployment to content creation and maintenance far more cost-efficient and adaptive.”

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