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One of the most important elements of eLearning is content! Some organizations prefer to create their learning content in-house, or choose to remaster present content. With the right skills and the right tools, creating learning content yourself is a splendid option.

Co-creating Learning Content

Maybe you do not want to or have the skills or time required to create all learning content yourself? We are more than happy to assist you! With our expertise in digital content services your present learning material will be revamped and digitally applicable in an instant. If you are looking to extend and develop your learning content, co-creating content with us as a partner is the perfect service for you. You create some content, we create some!

CaaS - Content as a Service

Content is king - but it all starts with a good plan! Our professional content services provide you with trimmed, interactive and tailored digital learning content. The benefits of digital learning content are e.g. flexibility and scalability. It can be utilized as independent modules, in different learning management systems or as a part of on-premises training. We create learning content in multiple languages.

Our fine-tuned production process results in both cost-efficient and eloquent content production. We work closely with our customers through every stage of the content production process. Our first class, tailored multimedia learning content takes into consideration pedagogical criteria and motivational factors also. Our content is optimized to fit modern channels of communication, as well as usability requirements set by various devices and technologies.


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