• XoomPoint LMS is the first virtual e-learning solution developed particularly to meet the needs of modern enterprises. It combines 
                    the most effective tools for learning and work, as well as interactive, multimedia learning content into a single familiar user experience. 
                    XoomPoint is based on reliable Microsoft technology, which supports all major operating systems and mobile devices. Learning and working 
                    is possible anywhere, anytime.
    XoomPoint LMS
    Take Full Advantage of your Corporate Training...
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Enterprise e-Learning - Key Benefits

XoomPoint Benefits for HR Management

In order to keep up with permanent change and to deliver high quality services it is necessary for every organization to create conditions to become a learning organization. The basic rational for such organizations is that, in situations of rapid change, only those that are flexible, adaptive and productive will excel.

Organizations need to discover how to tap people's commitment and capacity to learn at all levels. This sets special requirements for the management. Development and deployment of leadership processes are important focus areas in developing competitive advantages.

XoomPoint Enterprise LMS provides essential tools for HR management to achieve these goals.

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XoomPoint Reporting Services and XoomPoint SmartView produce reports about the progress of the training courses and trainees. Open interfaces allow the resulting 
                        data to be transferred to other corporate backbone systems, such as SAP.

XoomPoint Benefits for your Personnel

Learn and work together with your peers with Yammer, communicate with Lync or Skype. Share you screen, applications, desktop - or record your online 
                        sessions for further use. Schedule your sessions, meetings - and manage your emails with Exchange.

Your personnel is one of your key success factors. How do you manage their competence level?

The digital revolution of the globalized world requires a modern social community based learning environment - traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) are just not enough.

Furthermore, the modern technical equipment do not serve us alone. We need a ubiquitous digital working environment to bring everything together.

XoomPoint Enterprise LMS is the expert's choice. Keep your personnel and partners up-to-date with the changing business requirements, knowledge and skills! Easily - without extra learning curve.

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XoomPoint Benefits for your Partners

As well as your own staff you need to keep your partners, resellers, contractors and even customers up-to-date. Your processes evolve, your products and services get updated - and you launch new products and services. Or you may need to train your partners in your multi-vendor projects.

Cloud-based enterprise Learning Management Platform is your turn-key solution. XoomPoint Enterprise LMS is built to manage both workforce and partner (franchise, dealer, reseller, agent, customer, etc.) training programs.

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Create team and project e-learning sites with calendars, shared documents, discussions, wikis, blogs and news with only few clicks. 
                        Invite external users with one simple action. External users can use their Facebook, Google, Microsoft Account or Yahoo credentials to join in.

Benefits for IT Administrators

XoomPoint Enterprise LMS allows you to integrate your public web sites, intranets, extranets and Learning Management Solutions to a single unified platform. 
                        It supports any combination of on-premises, cloud and hybrid solutions.

Tight budgets, pressure to gain efficiency and demands for cutting costs are every day challenges every CIO faces today. At the same time the services level requirements are getting higher and new comprehensive solutions are requested. Cloud services, consolidation of servers and technlogies and unification of platform solutions is a good answer to to these challenges and can produce major annual savings.

XoomPoint Enterprise LMS is based on global foundation technologies and effectively helps CIOs to achieve these goals.

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