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Today, developing your corporate training means utilizing digital learning solutions. In turn, going digital creates new HRD needs. You will need easy-to-use authoring tools, an eLearning strategy suited to your organization’s way of doing things, a flexible Learning Management System (LMS) as well as the skills to create both motivating learning content and inspiring learning experiences.

An easy-to-use, diverse and versatile LMS provides your organization with the tools to easily customize and scale your corporate training. Modern LMSs’ benefits are flexible information sharing, social forums, mobile readiness, smooth reporting features as well as scalable content and numbers of users. Just to name a few!

At the core of formidable eLearning, you find first rate content and user friendly tools. The customer can create his own eLearning content or go for a “content as a service-approach”, and utilize our first class, multilingual learning content production services. Our range of eLearning software includes easy-to use authoring tools. You can also purchase your eLearning tools online from our XoomPoint Webstore, the Webstore for eLearning tools and software.

Transferring your corporate training into to the digital era might feel like a too big a leap. After all, we are talking about both implementing a new way of running HRD functions and deploying new tools and software. We will be happy to supply you with high-quality eLearning services ranging from eLearning consulting and training as well as diverse support services.


Modern eLearning technologies make corporate training flexible, easy to tailor and adjust to the needs of your own organization. Learn more about our eLearning products...


Together we can develop your eLearning to fit your organization’s needs perfectly. Learn more about our eLearning deployment and development services...

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